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Roundup: 15 affordable coolers
by Marc Prieur
Published on July 11, 2011

Spire CoolGate 10

The Spire CoolGate 10 is in a standard design based on three heatpipes. A nickel plated copper base is in contact with the CPU and dissipates the heat via aluminium fins cooled by a 92mm DC fan. You therefore need to make sure your motherboard can regulate a DC fan or opt for a rheobus. It comes with a manual in English and a tube of thermal paste.
On the Intel platform you have to screw on a mounting system that uses standard clips. You won’t need your screwdriver with AM2/AM3 motherboards either as a metal bar is used to jimmy the standard AMD mounting bracket in.

Optimal orientation means memory bars with large radiators can’t be used on the first slot on our test LGA 1155 motherboard, though they can be on the second. On an AM3 motherboard none of the DIMMs are affected.

5V is enough to cool the Core i7-2600K. Although not silent, the CoolGate 10 is quiet at this voltage. You can’t cool the processor with the Spire CoolGate 10 once it’s overclocked, in spite of the fact that the fan gets very noisy.
Even when you increase the speed of the fan, its thermal performance remains rather average. It isn’t particularly cheap for all that and we therefore recommend you to look elsewhere.

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