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Roundup: 15 affordable coolers
by Marc Prieur
Published on July 11, 2011

Scythe Big Shuriken

The Scythe Big Shuriken is one of those rare survivors from a previous era, a high end cooler that isn’t in tower format! Although tower coolers do benefit from a better natural flow of air in the casing, their height can be a disadvantage in some casings for which the Big Shurken is a perfect fit. With three heatpipes, it has a 120mm PWM fan and comes with a multilingual installation manual and a sachet of thermal paste.
The Big Shuriken uses standard Intel and AMD mounting clips and therefore, at least in theory, you won’t have to take the motherboard out to fit it. It is however rather big and access to the clips isn’t necessarily easy, which can require some acrobatics if the PC has already been assembled. Once you’ve got the cooler in the right position though, installation is easy and fast. Whatever the orientation, you won’t be able to use memory with big radiators with the Big Shuriken.

The Big Shuriken fan doesn’t run at 5V. At 7V it’s quiet but doesn’t cool the Core i7-2600K sufficiently in load. It does at 9V but unfortunately at the price of higher noise levels, with the fan responding too fast to the increase in voltage. You won’t be able to use this fan when the processor is overclocked however.
As the only cooler in the comparison that isn’t in a tower format the Big Shuriken can’t compete in pure performance terms. Its format does give it an advantage in some casings however though it’s not always easy to install (or uninstall!).

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