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Roundup: 15 affordable coolers
by Marc Prieur
Published on July 11, 2011

Gelid Tranquillo

With 4 heatpipes, the Gelid Tranquillo is sized for high performance. It comes with a 120 PWM fan and weighs no less than 668g, which makes it the second heaviest cooler in the report after the Freezer 13. In the box you’ll find a multilingual installation guide and a tube of thermal paste.
There are different support plates for the various Intel sockets. You then fit the appropriate bracket to the cooler (again according to whether you’re using LGA775 or 1366/115x) before screwing it all on and mounting the cooler with metal bars. It’s easier to mount on AMD motherboards as you screw the mounting clips onto the cooler and use the standard clips available on AMD motherboards.

Optimal orientation means memory bars with large radiators can’t be used on the first slot on our test LGA 1155 motherboard, though they can be on the second. On an AM3 motherboard however the first two DIMMs can’t be used unless you force things, something we don’t advise you to do.

The Tranquillo doesn’t start up at 5V. At 7V noise levels are low (23 dBA) though there is a slight motor sound. At the 4.5 GHz overclocking, you have to run the Tranquillo at 9V for sufficient cooling and noise levels are still tolerable. Even at 12V and its higher noise levels, the processor heats up too much at the 4.8 GHz overclocking.
The Gelid Tranquillo offers a very good cooling/noise ratio. Though the motor noise is louder than on the Thermaltake Contact 29 and Corsair A50, which means we prefer them slightly, the three solutions offer similar thermal performance.

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