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Roundup: 15 affordable coolers
by Marc Prieur
Published on July 11, 2011

Evercool Transformer 3

The Evercool Transformer 3 has three copper heatpipes that are in direct contact with the processor. It has a 120mm PWM fan to cool the aluminium fins. It comes with a tube of thermal paste and a manual in English.
On an AMD platform, it is fairly simple to install as standard AMD clips are used. Things are more complicated on Intel platforms because you have to place the screws in the bracket holes from the back of the motherboard, which may mean you have to remove it from the casing first. When it comes to the cooler, the bracket used in conjunction with the screws is already pre-installed for LGA775/115x and needs to be moved for LGA1366 and removed for AMD motherboards. Everything is then screwed together before the fan is mounted with fairly fragile plastic brackets that you can really only mount once (they become insecure if you try and uninstall and then install them again).

Optimal orientation means memory bars with large radiators can’t be used on the first slot on our test LGA 1155 motherboard, though they can be on the second. On an AM3 motherboard however the first two DIMMs can’t be used.

At 5V, the Evercool Transformer 3 is very quiet though not silent and does enough to cool the 2600K. Once you overclock up to 4.5 GHz however, you need to increase the Transformer 3 to 12V and though the temperature levels remain fairly high the fan is then very noisy. The Transformer 3 won’t keep the processor at an acceptable temperature when it’s clocked at 4.8 GHz.
The Evercool Transformer 3 does okay but, with average thermal performance, doesn’t stand out from the rest. Other solutions offer a better noise to cooling ratio.

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