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Roundup: 9 Radeon HD 6850s!
by Damien Triolet
Published on April 13, 2011

Energy consumption
We measured the energy consumption of the different cards, keeping in mind that there’s often a variation between identical cards of the same model, due, among other things, to current leakage and GPU voltages. Moreover, some run at higher clocks as they are factory overclocked.

We measured energy consumption directly on the graphics cards themselves.

At idle, we measured energy consumption as varying between 19W and 24W, a difference that may be linked to current leakage and the energy consumption of the fan.

In load the differences are bigger and the reference model consumes a good deal less than all the other Radeon HD 6850s tested. We suppose that this results from a better yield from the power stage and/or the GPU voltage which was also the lowest of all the cards tested. The Radeon HD 6850s that are marketed by AMD’s partners and are not factory overclocked, consume between 7 and 21% more! The factory overclocked models draw from 20 to 34% more, with the PowerColor drawing most, which may also result from the fact that the fan runs at full speed and the fact that the GPU voltage is somewhat higher.

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