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Roundup: 14 GeForce GTX 460 1 GB cards!
by Damien Triolet
Published on February 16, 2011

Gigabyte GTX 460 OC
Gigabyte uses a custom design for all its GeForce GTX 460s. The OC model exists in two variants:

Gigabyte GV-N460OC-1GI: €170
Gigabyte GV-N460OC2-1GI: €190

They have different GPU clocks: 715 MHz for the OC model and 760 MHz for the OC2 model. We tested the OC model; it also exists in a 768 MB version.

The card

Gigabyte started with the reference PCB for its GeForce GTX 460 OC card and modified slightly the power stage, now the manufacturer’s own Ultra Durable VGA brand. Connectivity is unchanged retaining two DVI Dual-Link outs and a mini-HDMI out.

the WindForce2X cooling system is based on a wide aluminium heatsink equipped with two heatpipes and cooled by two relatively thin fans. A small heatspreader is also included for the sensitive power stage components. The housing sticks out slightly beyond the PCB, with the only justification for this being aesthetic, to maintain symmetry. It is fixed with just four screws around the GPU, which makes the card feel slightly fragile when you’re handling it.

The bundle

Gigabyte delivers its card with a CD for the drivers, a manual, a user guide, a DVI to VGA adaptor, a mini-HDMI to HDMI adaptor and 2 double molex to 6-pin PCI Express power supply cable convertors.

Gainward guarantees its card for 3 years in Europe.

Infrared thermography

Graphics card at idle.

Graphics card in load.

System at idle.

System in load.

There are no particular problems with the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 460 OC. It performs similarly to the reference card, except that slightly more hot air is sent towards the hard drive bays.

Temperature and noise readings

The full readings confirm what you can see in the infrared thermography. At 1 dB less than the stock model, the Gigabyte card is also quite quiet.

Our opinion
With its GeForce GTX 460 OC, Gigabyte is offering a pretty good and pretty good value GeForce GTX 460, especially as it’s guaranteed for three years. In spite of a slight 5% overclocking, this is the only GeForce GTX 460 tested that’s quieter in load than the reference model.

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