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8 affordable SSDs, 32 to 64 GB
by Marc Prieur
Published on November 16, 2010

Random throughputs
Random access speeds are where SSDs really mark themselves out from magnetic hard drives, with the ultra-fast SSD access times giving them a big advantage.

While the VelociRaptor struggles here, SSD performance hold firm. The aggressive write combining algorithm means that write speeds are generally higher than reads, with SSDs transforming random writes into sequential writes at the level of the flash in terms of the file allocation table. The notable exception to this rule is with SSDs based on the Indilinx controller as the Onyxs and the M225 therefore give lower random write performance than read. Write levels are however more than sufficient for desktop use and already 10x faster than on the VelociRaptor. With compressible data, the SandForces give the fastest write times, but putting DuraWrite to one side, the C300 does best.

When it comes to random reads, the Crucial C300 and the Indilinx based SSDs are much of a muchness. The SandForces bring up the rear with non-compressible data, with performance levels that are, at worse, 30x better than a VelociRaptor!

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Sequential throughputs

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