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8 affordable SSDs, 32 to 64 GB
by Marc Prieur
Published on November 16, 2010

While SSDs are an excellent solution for many reasons, there’s still a major sticking point: the price! Sure, since our first article on them in September 2008, things have changed and the price per GB has been halved. Nevertheless, you still need to lay out €200 for 80 GB and the only way of reducing this is to go for a lower capacity model!

Of course, you do, at a minimum, need to be able to fit the operating system and the most used applications onto your SSD, otherwise having one is hardly worth it. The minimum number of GBs required will of course vary from one user to another and while 32 GB SSDs are only for those who have really honed their weight down, either because they use an operating system other than Windows or because the applications they use don’t take up too much space, a 40 GB model is already much more comfortable and 64 GB will even allow you to install a few games.
The SSDs

For this survey we have selected SSDs under 64 GB that use controllers which have already proved their worth on larger capacity models. They all give a high level of random write performance, at the same time as supporting the TRIM command, which is necessary to maintain a good level of performance over time:

- The Indilinx Barefoot
- The SandForce SF-1200
- The Marvell 88S9174
- The Intel PC29AS21BA0

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The SSDs  

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