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Roundup: twelve 1 TB hard drives!
by Marc Prieur
Published on September 21, 2010

Sequential throughput
We began with sequential throughput, measured using h2bench.

The 7200 rpm drives dominate the competition, with the best results going to the Samsung SpinPoint F3. A notch down are drives such as the WD1002FAEX, the WD10EALS and the 7K1000.C. In spite of its 7200 rpm rotation, the WD1001FALS struggles with its 333 GB platters and the Barracuda LP 5900 rpm just about edges in front of it.

The EcoGreen F3 is just behind, which confirms Samsung’s ability to conserve throughput at equal density. The 5400 rpm Westerns are under 80 MB/s on average, the WD10EADS bringing up the rear with its 333 GB platters with just 58.9 MB/s!

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