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Report: nine 2 TB hard drives!
by Marc Prieur
Published on August 24, 2010

File copying
This brings us to file copying. We measured read and writes speeds when copying various groups of files via Robocopy. The files were composed of:

- Large files: average of 6.8 GB
- Medium-sized files: average of 796 KB
- Small files: average of 44 KB

The source or the target when reading or writing to the drive is a RAID of six 150 GB VelociRaptor drives mounted on an ARECA ARC1280ML PCI-Express x8 card with a strip size of 8 KB. The files were read and written on a partition beginning halfway into the drive.

As expected the Barracuda XT and Caviar Black were fastest with reads of large and medium-sized files. Among the 5400/5900 rpm drives, the EcoGreen F4 is fastest with these files but the Barracuda LP came out top with small files.

When it comes to writes, again the Barracuda XT heads the field for large files, followed by the Caviar Black, but surprisingly the EcoGreen F3 does best with medium-sized files in spite of its lower rotation speed! The Advanced Format 512e gives the F4 an advantage over the F3 on large files but loses this advantage for medium-sized and small files. It is on a par with the 3-platter WD20EARS for medium-sized files, but is a good deal superior on small files.

Note the catastrophic performance of the 4-platter model with small files. Our test model had an older and lower performance firmware in comparison to the AFT.

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