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Components returns rates
by Marc Prieur
Published on May 12, 2010

In comparison to our previous report in October 2009, we note an overall improvement in returns rates, which is excellent news. If you compare the rates on components sold between October 2008 and March 2009 with returns before October 2009 (6 months to a year of usage) to those for components sold between April 2009 and September 2009 with returns before April 2010 (6 months to a year of usage), you can see that the returns rate for power supplies has dropped from 1.79% to 1.61%.

The same goes for motherboards where the rate drops from 3.04% to 2.74% and graphics cards, for which the rate drops from 2.31% to 1.9%. Hard drives have also become more reliable with 1.63% now against 1.99% previously, while with memory the rate has dropped from 1.74% to 1.42%. We are, of course, delighted to see this downward trend and hope that it continues.

Unfortunately, it remains true that it’s still impossible to know for certain in advance how reliable a product is going to be. The length of the guarantee offered and the quality of the product should always therefore be taken into account and unfortunately it’s also the case that higher end products always tend to have higher returns rates with reliablity to some extent sacrificed in favour of performance.

What does the future hold? We can’t predict this but we can give you the list of the 10 products on sale between October 2009 and March 2010 (from 0 to 6 months of usage) with the highest returns rates; ie those products on a dangerous slope that, by precaution, it would be best to avoid. Note however that only 5 products have a returns rate of over 5%, while there were 16 6 months ago:

- 10.7% for the Corsair 2x 2 GB DDR2 PC8500 - TWIN2X4096-8500C5D (RAM)
- 7.2% for the OCZ Value 2x 1 GB DDR2 PC2-6400 - OCZ2V8002GK (RAM)
- 6.1% for the Corsair TX 950W power supply
- 5.3% for the G.Skill NQ 2x 2 GB DDR3 PC3-10600 - F3-10666CL9D-4GBNQ (RAM)
- 5.2% for the OCZ Value 2x 1 GB DDR2 PC2-5300 - OCZ26672048VDC-K (RAM)
- 4.6% for the ASUS P5N-D SLI motherboard (NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI)
- 4.6% for the Corsair XMS3 2x 2 GB DDR3 PC10600 - TW3X4G1333C9 (RAM)
- 4.5% for the OCZ Value 1 GB DDR2 PC2-5300 - OCZ26671024V (RAM)
- 4.4% for the Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.B - 1 TB 7200 RPM 16 MB Serial ATA II hard drive
- 4.3% the OCZ Gold Edition 2x 2 GB DDR2 PC2-6400 - OCZ2G8004GK (RAM)

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