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Intel Core i5 and Core i3
by Marc Prieur
Published on March 9, 2010

3D Studio Max 20010

We begin with the famous image rendering software, now in its x64 and 2010 version. The test scene used is from SPECapc for 3ds max 9 (space_flyby_mentalray) which employs the MentalRay rendering machine.

The new arrivals fall between the Core 2 Quads and the Core 2 Duos. In comparison to the AMD range, the Clarkdales are on a par with the Phenom IIs and Athlon II X3s, which isn’t bad given they only have 2 cores.
Cinema 4D R11

The rendering software Maxon is well known in the overclocker community through Cinebench, which allows you to compare processor performance easily. Cinebench however uses version R10 of the Cinema 4D rendering machine, while version R11 doubles performance. We use this latest version in 64 bit mode with the scene from Cinebench R10 rendered at a higher resolution so as to prolong rendering time.

Cinema4D is more to the advantage of the dual core Core i3/i5s as, here, the i5-661 offers similar performance to the Core 2 Q9300 and is therefore a little faster than the Phenom II X4 630.

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