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Giant roundup: 168 Intel and AMD processors!
by Marc Prieur
Published on November 3, 2010

Energy consumption
As performance doesn’t tell the whole story, we have decided to include energy consumption readings taken on our test configuraton for some of the processors. These readings were taken at the wall socket, the power used at a yield of around 80%. We used Prime95. This means that other components such as the graphics card or the hard drive are in idle when these readings are taken.

Hold the mouse over the graph to see a classification of the CPU’s by result.

It is interesting to see that the configuration with the Pentium EE 840 uses around the same power in load as the Core i7-975, for a performance level multiplied by a ratio of 4.4! Note also the advances made by both AMD and Intel in terms of energy consumption in idle, with 172 watts for the Pentium EE 965 (as much as the configuration with the Q8200… in load!) a distant memory… in contrast to the most economical configuration of all based on socket LGA1156.

Also, here are the energy consumption graphs for readings taken at the ATX12V socket on the motherboard, taken with a clip-on ammeter. We only give the results for Socket 775 and Socket AM2/AM3 here as readings from one platform to another are not comparable given the different architectures (on AM2 and AM3 the memory controller is built in to the processor and powered via it whereas this isn’t the case for Intel).

Hold the mouse over the graph to see a classification of the CPU’s by result.

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