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Intel X25-M V2 (Postville)
by Marc Prieur
Published on August 27, 2009

File copying
This brings us to file copying. We measure reading and writing of diverse groups of files. These groups were composed of:

- A collection of large files: 6 files (on average 2.2 GB) totalling 13.2 GB
- Medium sized: 7.96 GB of 10,480 files (each averaging 796 KB)
- Small sized: 2.86 GB of 68,184 files (each averaging 44 KB)

The source or target of reading or writing on the drive was a RAID of three VelociRaptor 150 GB drives.

Reading large files the X25-M V2 is very slightly down on the V1 but scores remain good, above all for large files. With smaller files, performances are comparable to a VelociRaptor.

Write speeds are the weak point on MLC Intel SSDs. Happily although the speed with large files is slow, the V2 does well on medium-sized files. What’s more, with small files the gain you get with the V2 puts it out in front of all other SSDs and just behind the SpinPoint F1, which is particularly fast here.

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