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2 TB duel: Seagate Barracuda LP vs Western Caviar Green
by Marc Prieur
Published on October 25, 2009

PC Mark Vantage
We now move on to less synthetic tests, starting with an index of hard drive performances in PC Mark Vantage. FutureMark reproduces a set of reading/writing tasks on the drive, namely a Vista start-up, loading of applications (Word, Photoshop, IE, Outlook), the manipulation of multimedia files (photo, video, music), games (loading of Alan Wake) and disk scan with Windows Defender.

The impressive performances of the Barracuda LP in synthetic tests are not repeated here and it is quite close to the 2 TB Caviar Green. There is no significant increase in performance in this test as a result of the new densities and the scores are down on the 7200 rpm stock drive, the SpinPoint F1 and far behind the VelociRaptor. If you want very good responsiveness for your OS and applications, you’ll need to install them elsewhere than on such a drive, ideally of course on an SSD.

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