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SSD 2009, act 2: OCZ Vertex and Indilinx Barefoot
by Marc Prieur
Published on June 23, 2009

File copying
This brings us to file copying. We measure reading and writing of diverse groups of files. These groups were composed of:

- A collection of large files: 6 files (on average 2.2 GB) totalling 13.2 GB
-Medim sized: 7.96 GB of 10,480 files (each averaging 796 KB)
-Small sized: 2.86 GB of 68,184 files (each averaging 44 KB)

The source or target of reading or writing on the drive was a RAID of three VelociRaptor 150 GB drives.

In read the last generation SSDs, Vertex included, are very fast for large files. When it comes to small or medium-sized files however, performances are relatively close to the previous generation and standard hard drives, with the exception of the 5400 rpms.

In writes the Vertex SSDs do well, especially on medium sized files for which they are well ahead of the competition, with the exeption of the Samsung 7200 rpm hard drives that do astonishingly well. Note however that although results are good for large files, they are nowhere near the synthetic speeds obtained in h2bech (200 Mb/s on the Vertex 120 GB!).

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