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1TB and 5400 tpm: Western Caviar Green vs Samsung EcoGreen
by Marc Prieur
Published on February 26, 2009

PC Mark Vantage
We now move on to less synthetic tests, starting with an index of hard drive performances in PC Mark Vantage. FutureMark reproduces a set of reading/writing tasks on the drive, namely a Vista start-up, loading of applications (Word, Photoshop, IE, Outlook), the manipulation of multimedia files (photo, video, music), games (loading of Alan Wake) and disk scan with Windows Defender.

Without noise level reduction, the Western Black does best, and performances are not far off the VelociRaptor in fact. 5400 rpm drives are significantly behind, but the 32 MB cache does have a positive impact, as you can see if you compare the two Caviar Greens. Western is ahead for both the 7200 and 5400 rpms.

With these sorts of scores the 5400 rpms really are doing well for themselves and even if they are not as fast as the 7200 rpm drives, in practice the difference is very limited: 9 and 10.5 seconds to launch Photoshop CS4 for the SpinPoint F1 and the EcoGreen respectively.

You can see moreover that it is the Caviar Black that is worst affected by activation of AAM.

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