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Samsung 64 GB MLC SSD
by Marc Prieur
Published on December 29, 2008

As Intel has already shown with its X25-M series, SSDs based on MLC are not necessarily condemned to mediocre random write performance. Of course, entry level models do have this default, generally using the JMicron JMF602 controller. After Intel, Samsung is the second manufacturer to put out an MLC SSD based on a proprietary controller… with what results?
Samsung, leader in Flash
Samsung is no debutante in terms of memory. Indeed, it is the world no.1 manufacturer of memory chips and this across all sectors of the market, Flash included. It also has a presence in many other areas, including the classic disk drive.

In contrast to other SSD manufacturers, it masters all the necessary technology for the manufacture of an SSD, able to count on its memory division for the supply of Flash memory and on its hard drive division for the SATA controller side. These are obvious advantages on paper and Samsung now needs to turn them into a practical advantage.
After SLC memory, MLC
This transformation was carried out with success for SLC with the MCCOE64G5MPP, the constructor’s SATA 3.0 Gb/s SLC SSD. Samsung is back centre stage today with the MMCRE64G5MPP, an MLC based series.

When you open the SSD up, you discover a PCB that is very similar to the SLC SSD. The Samsung controller, an ARM CPU, is identical, as is the 32 MB of Samsung SDRAM that serve as the cache and memory for the ARM. There are of course 8 MLC chips, giving a total capacity of 64 GB.

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