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SSD product review: Intel, OCZ, Samsung, Silicon Power, SuperTalent
by Marc Prieur
Published on October 6, 2008

Access time

Measured with h2benchw, access time is THE strong point with SSDs. While SATA drives have seek times of 7ms at best (for the VelociRaptor) and can be as slow as 17.7ms (the Samsung 2.5"), SSD drives are under the millisecond. There are significant differences from model to model however, with the Intel measuring at 0.1ms compared to 0.5ms for the SuperTalent.
Sequential speed
Continuing with sequential speed, still with h2benchw - in contrast to other benchmarking software such as HDTune or HDTach, h2benchw carries out a true sequential test because it reads or writes the entire drive, whereas the others jump between zones to reduce test time.

In terms of reading performance, the Intel SSD is truly exceptional at double the speed of the others or the VelociRaptor. Another advantage with SSD drives is that they yield a constant speed across the entire disk whereas HDD performance drops towards the edge of the disk.

Write speeds are, however, significantly lower. The OCZ, Silicon Power and SuperTalent models perform at well below spec and there does seem to be an issue with h2bench because, as you can see below, speeds observed for writing large files are significantly down. The Intel and the Samsung do however measure up to speeds stated.

The graph for the OCZ/Silicon Power drives shows a great deal of oscillation for this test.

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