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SSD product review: Intel, OCZ, Samsung, Silicon Power, SuperTalent
by Marc Prieur
Published on October 6, 2008

The test
For this test, we were able to source various SSD drives. Two OCZ Cores, a V1 and a V2, a Samsung, a Silicon Power, 2 SuperTalents, one using SLC and the other MLC and the most recent Intel SSD, the X25-M 80 GB. For information, we also give performance results for a VelociRaptor, a 3.5” Samsung SpinPoint F1 640 GB drive and a 2.5” Samsung Spinpoint M5 160 GB.

Various measurements were carried out in tests. First of all, we were interested in a drive’s “synthetic” performances: cache and sequential speeds and average access time. Next, were more practical tests, first of all involving an applicative performance index based on PC Mark Vantage and then a server load type simulation of files with IOMeter. This was followed by an evaluation of writing, reading, close (on the same partition) and far copying (on a partition which starts on 50% of the drive) with various groups of files. These groups were composed of:

- A collection of large files: 6 files (on average 2.2 GB) totalling 13.2 GB
- Medium sized: 7.96 GB of 10,480 files (each averaging 796 KB)
- Small sized: 2.86 GB of 68,184 files (each averaging 44 KB)

The source or target of reading or writing on the drive was a RAID of two Raptor 150 GB drives so as to make sure we weren’t limited. This type of measurement is worthwhile because, while the sequential speed gives us an idea of the performance in copying large files, things can be different with smaller ones.

The test machine was based on an X38 chipset mounted on an ASUSTeK P5E motherboard while Serial ATA ports were configured in the bios in AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) so that NCQ could be used, all operating with Vista SP1.

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