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SSD product review: Intel, OCZ, Samsung, Silicon Power, SuperTalent
by Marc Prieur
Published on October 6, 2008

The SuperTalent MX and DX 60 GB
Although the MX is affordable at €400, the DX is much less so (€1000) for the good and simple reason that it is equipped with SLC memory. For all that, the stated performances are far from amazing, at a read speed of 120 MB/s for both and write speed of 40 MB/s for the MX and 70 MB/s for the DX. We weren’t able to open the drives.

Intel X25-M 80 GB
Intel has arrived on the SSD drive market with a great deal of noise, with its first model at 80 GB, the X25-M that uses MLC memory, priced around €500. The specs given by the manufacturer are pretty breathtaking; a read speed of 250 MB but a more modest write speed of 70 MB/s. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the controller addresses 10 flash channels at once.

What’s more, Intel uses a very effective wear leveling and write amplification control system (the usage difference factor between the average wear and the maximum wear because of good management of the blocks), allowing it to claim a long life expectancy for the drive, more than 100 GB/day for 5 years.

There is a 20 chip PCB (10 each side) inside carrying Intel and Micron logos (the two companies are partners in flash memory production), an Intel controller and a 16 MB SDRAM chip by Samsung.

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OCZ, Silicon Power, Samsung SSDs

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