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SSD product review: Intel, OCZ, Samsung, Silicon Power, SuperTalent
by Marc Prieur
Published on October 6, 2008

OCZ Core V1 and V2 64/60 GB
OCZ put these affordable, €300, 60 GB SSD drives on sale several weeks ago. In practice the drives use the same casing and PCB, except that on the V2 there is a mini-USB port to flash firmware.

In both cases the PCB is made up of a JMicron JMF602 controller, and 8 x 8MB Samsung MLC chips. However they don’t work at the same speed, with the V1 giving a read speed of 143 MB/s and a write speed of 93 MB/s, compared to 170 MB/s and 98 MB/s for the V2.

It should be noted that the OCZ Core V1, stated as being a 64 GB drive, is in fact 60 GB, or indeed 56.3 GB if you count 1 KB at 1024 bytes. The OCZ Core V2 does have 64 GB of storage, or 59.7 GB if you go by our OS, although it is stated as being 60 GB.
Silicon Power "64" GB
Silicon Power, like OCZ, is pricing it’s SSD drives quite cheaply, at least in as far as the MLC tested here goes. The casing of this SSD is in fact very similar to the OCZ Core V1, and it is identical inside with Samsung NAND MLC Flash and a JMicron controller.

Like the OCZ Core V1, it is sold as a 64 GB drive but in fact has only 60 GB of usable space (or rather 56.33 GB). The two are in fact the same SSD but are quite differently described: SiliconPower gives a read speed of 119 MB/s and a write speed of 67 MB/s whereas OCZ claims 143 MB/s and 93 MB/s. SiliconPower is the more accurate.
Samsung 64 GB
The largest flash memory manufacturer in the world is naturally a fervent defender of SSD drives and has numerous models on offer. Among them is the MCCOE64G5MPP, a 64 GB model using SLC chips. With a good reputation for performance, there are however very few on sale. The OCZ SATA II is in fact an exact copy … but costs more than €800. Samsung officially states a read speed of 100 MB/s and a write speed of 80 MB/s.

On opening it up, there are 8 x 8GB Samsung SLC chips, a Samsung controller (an ARM type CPU in fact) as well as 32 MB of SDRAM … Samsung.

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