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SSD product review: Intel, OCZ, Samsung, Silicon Power, SuperTalent
by Marc Prieur
Published on October 6, 2008

Power consumption
All the SSDs tested here are completely silent and work at low temperature. We concentrated therefore on measuring consumption at rest and reading/writing with IOMeter. Here are the results obtained:

Compared to a 5400 rpm notebook drive, the gains are at best small and we cannot really say that an SSD significantly increases battery life on a notebook. It has to be said that at 2.3w when reading/writing, the SpinPoint M5 160 GB is already very economic and only the Samsung SSD is really any better.

Of course the SpinPoint M5 160 GB does have quite low performance levels and a comparison with desktop hard drives is clearly in favour of the SSDs. The absence of any noise is naturally appreciated far more than the low power consumption levels.

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