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SSD product review: Intel, OCZ, Samsung, Silicon Power, SuperTalent
by Marc Prieur
Published on October 6, 2008

File copying
This brings us to file copying. We measure reading and writing speeds of various groups of files, as well as copying on the same partition and copying on a partition which starts on 50% of the drive.
These groups of files are composed of the following:

- Large sized files: 6 files (on average 2.2 GB) totaling 13.2 GB
- Medium sized: 7.96 GB of 10,480 files (each averaging 796 KB)
- Small: 2.86 GB of 68,184 files (each averaging 44 KB)

The source or target in reading or writing on the drive is a RAID of two Raptor 150 GB drives, so as not to be limited by this. Nevertheless, with Intel SSD performance being what it is, this is a factor for reading large files!

In terms of read times SSD drives outperform everything else when it comes to large files, even though even the Intel doesn’t manage the full 200 MB/s for sequential reading because of RAID performance. You get speeds corresponding to hard disk performance for small and medium-sized files. Very poor write speeds were noted for small and medium-sized files on the SuperTalent. The OCZ Core and Silicon Power are at more or less the same level as the 5400 rpm 2.5” drive, while the Intel option gives a good level of performance for small and medium-sized files. The Samsung drive, a bit behind compared to OCZ and Intel in reading, shows much better results with medium and large-sized files. It should be noted that manufacturers’ specs usually ought to be obtained for large files: the OCZ Core V1 and V2, with 143/93 MB/s read/write speeds for the first and 170/98 for the second, are nowhere near.

Whether file copying is on the same partition or not obviously doesn’t have much impact when it comes to SSDs, seeing as how they function. The Intel and Samsung are out in front, then comes the OCZ/Silicon Power, followed by the SuperTalent, way behind.

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