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LCD, David vs. Goliath: Iolair vs. Dell
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on April 28, 2008

Iolair MB24W

Remember less the company and more the name of the product as the MB24W can actually be found under roughly twenty other different brands. It’s indeed the same each time except for the interfaces. So be careful as there are VGA-only versions and VGA + DVI as well. You might as well opt for the second and the one we tested here which is HDCP compatible on its DVI. At this price level, it’s quite a nice surprise.

Briefly, the MB24W:
- has an MVA panel that produces washed out blacks,
- viewing angles that are smaller than those on a PVA but larger than vertical ones with TNs,
- excellent reactivity, comparable to the best 2 ms TNs,
- good rendering in movies thanks to well controlled shimmering (comparable to the best TN panels but not better),
- isn’t too environmentally friendly : it consumes almost double the average,
- is equipped with an older generation panel; verify for potential Mura and dead pixel defects (even if our test monitor was perfect in these two areas)
- has average color presettings but are easily improved,
- basic ergonomics and finishing touches: crude plastic, thick bezel, no vertical adjustability or rotating base.
- in the end has an extremely interesting quality/price ratio for those who want to game on a big screen, work or even touch up images without spending too much.

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