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LCD, David vs. Goliath: Iolair vs. Dell
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on April 28, 2008

Energy consumption
Consumption is measured with the display of a standard photo :

  • 200 cd/m² : if you have a versatile use of your screen, this is a good setting that is comfortable for games and work.

  • 100 cd/m² : if you are a graphic designer or you work at night, this setting is both easier on the eyes, and closer to paper rendering and a CRT.

    PVA 6 ms : Dell 2408WFP

    MVA 6 ms : Iolair MB24W

    The two monitors are big energy users. A screen like the Iiyama B2403BW, also a 24 inch, consumes around 40 watts at 200 cd/m².
    Monitor temperature

    With such high energy use, we might fear an excessive production of heat. In the end, this doesn’t turn out to be problem. Both screens are above the average but are still within reason. They give off roughly 40° and there is no particular danger of burning oneself or especially damaging the cells on the panel. It becomes a problem above 50°, and higher than 55° it is best to switch it off.

    As a reference, a "cold" screen gives off around 30° (a measurement taken at a moderate room temperature of 19° in our office).

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