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Product review: 4 SATA 1 TB HDD
by Marc Prieur
Published on March 19, 2008

Performances – File copying
This brings us to copying files. We measure reading and writing speeds, as well as the copying of a series of files composed of 2 large files totaling 4.4 GB, 2620 files with a total of 2 GB, and finally, 16,046 smaller ones totaling 733 MB. The source or target in reading or writing on the drive is a RAID of two Raptor 74 GB drives which is capable of assuring a speed of 110 MB /s in order that we aren’t limited in this parameter.

The Samsung drive was very fast in tests which measured purely theoretical speeds; however unfortunately, this advantage isn’t carried over into more practical reading and writing operations. This is proof that pure speed is not everything and firmware and cache algorithms can have a strong impact.

The 7200.11’s performances are also disappointing in simple operations as it comes in last behind the Caviar GP. Despite its low rotation speed the Western drive grabs the second place in copying tests and posts a fine performance ! As for the SpinPoint F1, it’s the fastest while the Hitachi model is in the back of the pack.

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