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22 inch LCD monitors: the 3rd wave!
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on December 12, 2007

Multi-use : the ViewSonic VX2255wmb

If reactivity isn’t the most important characteristic and good color fidelity and a nice design are more your preference (most users, in fact), in our opinion, the best current (and former) 22 inch that exists is the ViewSonic VX2255wmb. We particularly liked:

  • its preset colors. Color fidelity was especially good on the model we received,
  • the good ergonomics. It sits on a vertically adjustable base and can be rotated (see the video, in French but you will get the idea)
  • the design. It’s a glossy bezel that has been a big trend since the release of the 226BW,
  • the integrated webcam. It’s satisfactory with good sharpness and average fluidity though there is a slight delay between the image and sound. Avoid too much movement.
  • ViewSonic’s black and white zero dead pixel policy.

    If you aren’t a pure gamer, we recommend this screen even if we would have preferred a slightly better depth in black.

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    The exception: the Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW  

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