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22 inch LCD monitors: the 3rd wave!
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on December 12, 2007

Gamut : wide or not ?
The transition to wide gamut screens could be one of the next trends. What exactly does this mean? Usually, monitors display colors in the sRGB space, in other words, with red/green/blue components. This is fine and corresponds to what everyone’s compact captures. However, pro digital cameras go beyond this and work in the NTSC or Adobe RGB space attaining more saturated and richer shades. Only screens that support this color space are able to display the images in question or in other words only the Samsung 226CW. At least this is in theory, because in practice (and we saw in the previous pages) that the 226CW tends to over-saturate colors. In the end, it is less reliable than sRGB monitors even with native Adobe RGB images (we verified this with photos from our Canon EOS 5D).

TN 2 ms : Samsung SyncMaster 226CW

Classic sRGB screens : Asus, Belinea, Iiyama, ViewSonic...

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