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Review of the Dell 2407WFP-HC
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on October 15, 2007

Viewing angles
We take pictures of the monitors from a 50° angle from all sides. The claimed viewing angles in a product’s characteristics are often exaggerated.

There are three types of technology to choose from: TN, MVA and PVA, the last two being closely related. For comparison, we added an IPS, the Dell 3007WFP HC. If you are a regular reader of our LCD surveys, you won’t be surprised by results, which are entirely normal.

First of all, for lateral viewing angles the IPS is by far the best. If this is the most important criteria for you, this is the type of technology you need. In second place comes the 245B, a TN panel. In the past (2 years ago), TNs were rather catastrophic from the side angles. Now, it is possible for several people to share a screen even if they aren’t perfectly in front of it. Finally, we have the PVAs and MVAs, which are equal. Beyond 40° from both sides, there is a loss of contrast, which however isn’t too extreme. In fact, there are only really problems when looked from below.

Vertical viewing angles : The IPS screen always offers an image that is almost perfect at 50° and even beyond. In this area, other technologies are largely inferior. The PVAs are behind with a rather abrupt loss of contrast with an image that is still visible though not as flattering (black is more gray, white is pale, loss of depth). It’s the same but even more sudden with MVA panels. Finally, we have the TN screen. From above, the image loses all of its contrast. From below, it turns black. This complicates things when you want to use this screen as a TV and depending on the size of viewers, the monitor may have to be inclined.

PVA 6 ms : Dell 2407WFP-HC

This rendering is entirely typical of PVAs. The image is nice directly in front of the screen. Viewing angles are rather open with a noticeable loss of contrast from all directions. However, the image doesn’t turn black or wash out. This PVA is well suited for a dual monitor configuration even with a second very large screen.

PVA 6 ms : Dell 2407WFP rev.4

TN 3 ms : Iiyama Prolite B2403WS

TN 5 ms : Samsung SyncMaster 245B

PVA 6 ms : Samsung SyncMaster 245T

MVA 8 ms : ViewSonic VX2435wm

IPS 6 ms : Dell 3007WFP HC

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