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Product review: four 750 GB to 1 Terabyte SATA HDDs
by Marc Prieur
Published on October 1er, 2007

Performances – File copying
This brings us to copying files. We measure reading and writing speeds, as well as the copying of a series of files composed of 2 large files totaling 4.4 GB, 2620 files with a total of 2 GB, and finally, 16,046 smaller ones totaling 733 MB. The source or target in reading or writing on the drive is a RAID of two Raptor 74 GB drives which is capable of assuring a speed of 110 MB /s in order that we aren’t limited in this parameter.

The Western hard drive saves its honor in this test because it is ahead in writing which allows it to even take the lead in file copying. The 1 TB 7K1000 comes in last while the 750 GB version does better in copying due to its inferior access time. The activation of acoustic management only reinforces the standings.

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