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Product survey: 5 SATA 500 GB HDD
by Marc Prieur
Published on August 22, 2007


Here we have the power consumption for each hard drive using an amperametric clip on the 5V and 12V lines of each model. Logically, it’s the E7K500 and its five platters that is the highest while the others are quite close with small advantages for Samsung and Western.

Next we measured the hard drive temperature after two hours of intensive use with IOMeter. These results are with the HDD out of its casing, without ventilation, and each slightly raised. Temperature is taken using an infrared thermometer in two areas; in middle on top of the drive and on the hottest part on the left side. Finally, we also give you the temperature as reported by the drive’s internal probe.

The Hitachis are clearly those that heat up the most regardless of the generation. On the other side is the Western drive with the best figures even if its probe indicates 2°C more than the Samsung.

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