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Product survey: 5 SATA 500 GB HDD
by Marc Prieur
Published on August 22, 2007

Performances in file copying
We now move on to file copying. We looked at the rates in reading, writing as well as in copying with a combination of two large files totaling 4.4 GB, plus 2620 files of 2 GB, and finally 16,046 with a total of 733 MB. The source or the target in reading or writing on the hard drive was a RAID of two 74 GB Raptors capable of assuring a rate of 110 MB /s in order to not be limited on this side.

The Samsung T166 was the fastest followed by the Western, which however had better synthetic performances in sequential reading. The 7200.10 confirms that gross performances aren’t the only factor, because in terms of reading and writing, it’s in last place while the E7K500 is ahead despite its brute rate that is 9 MB /s less.

There is also an advantage for Samsung in copying files on the same hard drive, whether it’s in close (in the same partition) or far (on a partition that starts in 50% of the hard drive) copying. Next are Western, then Hitachi and Seagate, depending on if the copying was close or not.

Activation of sound management doesn’t change the ranking and we can see that the impact on performances is relatively insignificant even when it’s a far copying and the reading head has to regularly go over half of the hard drive.

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