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Samsung 226BW A and S series: The verdict
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on May 9, 2007

Conclusion : Should you return your A series?
The 226BW was initially recommended without precising what type of panel to buy as we had no knowledge of this. So after tests, should we differentiate between the A and S ?

Is an S better than an A ? Yes, because in the end it’s preferable to have truer colors. After this, A series owners can install the file and calibrate their screen. User testimony on this subject is starting to come in. Some that have tried the calibration have complained of a dominance in red. To our knowledge, they have since resolved the problem. Some didn’t use the recommended program to load the profile. Others that tried to go through the graphic card’s driver had to start over and follow the procedure exactly. Those that did everything right only had to reboot, turn everything off (including the screen), turn on and true colors were there. At least this was the case for Windows. Some even managed to use the file with Linux.

Should we regret having bought an A version and would another screen have been better? No. The 226BW, whether it’s an A or S, is still above the rest.

Here is a table for comparison of the previous 22 inch participants, to which we have added the 226BW A. If we don’t make any adjustments, it takes a hammering in colorimetry. However, unlike the Asus which has a similar problem, take into account:
- we were able to make manual adjustments for satisfactory colors much better than standard ones,
- the profile seems to effectively correct colorimetric defects with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

One last question : should you cancel your order for a 226BW if you are not sure of the version ? In my humble opinion, and at the risk of seeming like a spokesman Samsung, which I’m not, no.
Once again, we find it extremely unfortunate that this manufacturer took the liberty of having three versions of the same screen and by chance gave the press the best model. We think that each monitor version should strictly have one name.

There is the last issue of those who have SyncMaster 931BW A or 206BW A. Sorry, we have no profile to give you and Samsung obviously says that they cannot provide us with an A screen. Try the same profile. One reader had success in doing this, however it supposedly complicated leaving the sleep mode on his computer. If not, try manual adjustments, because you never know...

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