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A look into dead pixels- 2007
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on May 22, 2007

Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t take the time to answer our questions. We found their warranty conditions on their website. So much for our questions.

Samsung didn’t answer us. On their website, we read that their screens are covered by the ISO 13406-2 warranty, without going into detail. They give the norm and that’s it. This manufacturer, however, does offer two other ways to know more about the norm, (that very few people know about anyway) :

- in the FAQ section, we find this text :
Regarding pixel defects, Samsung monitors are conform to the ISO 13406-2 Class 2 norm.
For more information on this standard, consult the page
. This sends us to an ISO page, which offers its description for 216 Swiss francs. Thanks a lot!

- another option, this time in the monitor technical sheets , when we click on the “13406-2”, we read :
The ISO norm 13406 indicates the limit for defective elements for display products, which use flat screens. The maximum number of defective elements varies in function to the class to the product (Class I, II, III, IV). Samsung monitors belong to Class II. For more information, please contact Support Services.. It’s not any clearer, but we hope to actually have a human voice in the end to explain things.

Translated into figures, this gives us :

Samsung thus has gone backwards, because two years ago it planned on having a zero dead pixel policy on at least some of its products.

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