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A look into dead pixels- 2007
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on May 22, 2007

Packard Bell
If you don’t always find Packard Bell screens in stores, this manufacturer automatically sells many with its central units. And they took the time to answer our questions.

1 – BeH : From how many dead pixels will you replace a LCD screen ? Does your exchange policy match the ISO 13406-II norm ?

In the table it looks simple, however the manufacturer sent us more material which complements the ISO norm. It slightly complicates things, but in the end it’s the consumer that benefits:

  • To determine if a LCD screen is defective, follow the steps below. Note that a bad pixel is one that always has the same color no matter what is displayed on the screen:

    1. Count the total number of bad pixels. If there are ten or more, the screen is defective. If there are less than ten, continue with the following step.

    2.Count the number of pixels of the same color. If there are six or more of the same color, the screen is defective. If there are less than six, continue on to the next step.

    3.If two bad pixels are horizontally continuous and they are the same color, the screen is defective. Note that if the pixels are vertically continuous or are not of the same color, the screen is considered OK.
    If you have bad pixels, but they don’t correspond to the descriptions in steps 1, 2 or 3, the screen is OK.

    3 – BeH : What percentage of screens is affected by the problem of dead pixels according to you ?

  • Less than 0.05 %

    4 – BeH : Why not offer a standard zero dead pixels warranty ?

  • No response.

    5 – BeH : How much would you evaluate the additional cost of a zero dead pixel policy?

  • We don’t have the technical expertise to give you an accurate answer.

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