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A look into dead pixels- 2007
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on May 22, 2007

Pronounced, i-i-yama, there are two i’s. After this, the manufacturers' rep wanted to explain the situation, which was a little complex:

The foundation is the famous norm IEEE13406-2... But in reality the situation is a little different:
- First of all, we don’t distinguish between sub pixels and pixels, or the color, but rather we simply say defective pixel.

- If there is a single defective pixel in the middle, there is systematically an exchange on the spot, within 48 hours, and this for the 3 years of the warranty, whatever the type or size of screen.

- For pixels on the sides, it is a little more complicated. This depends essentially on the size of the screen:
- A 17 or 19" is covered only if there are more than 3 pixels
- For larger sizes, there has to be more than 4 pixels

Also, sometimes our technical service will have the client referred directly to us in the case of large claims.
Either way, in order to avoid any confusion, we ask for a numeric photograph of the screen to evaluate the discomfort for all requests for exchange.

Bravo Iiyama !
Back to the questionnaire, then.

1 – BeH : From how many dead pixels will you replace a LCD screen ? Does your exchange policy match the ISO 13406-II norm ?

2 – BeH : If there is a single defective pixel on the side of the screen, will you replace it ?

  • Less than 1 %

    3 – BeH : Why not offer a standard zero dead pixels warranty ?

  • We are in the process of making this decision.

    4 – BeH : How much would you evaluate the additional cost of a zero dead pixel policy to be?

  • We don’t have the info to give you an accurate response.

    Then Iiyama added :

    Our particularity is to not distinguish the type of defective pixel. Also, we always reserve the right to a commercial arbitrage for all claims. Finally, our screens do have an onsite exchange policy for 3 years.

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