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A look into dead pixels- 2007
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on May 22, 2007

HP started to scare us with their first response on the phone, “HP will not answer the questionnaire”. We were a slightly surprised and had to insist a little to get some answers:

What? The world’s largest seller and manufacturer of computers and screens that are linked to these computers doesn’t want to comment on its warranty policy?
Finally, the American giant revised its position and wrote us enthusiastically that they officially follow the ISO 13406-II policy. Unofficially, they sometimes go beyond this and let’s just say that it is the minimum on which they base their policy. After this, it is case by case and without any warranty beyond what is legally required.

This announcement, however, is in contradiction with what they say (in French) on the main HP website.. There they say that except in four cases, all of their monitory follow the 3-5-5 rule: a max of 3 sub-pixels or bright defective pixels (white or colored), a max of 5 black, or a total of bright + black of 5. This is for all diagonals.

The only solution is to contact HP if you have a problem.

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