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A look into dead pixels- 2007
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on May 22, 2007

Fujitsu-Siemens responded to our questionnaire, except to one part, the percentage of screens affected by this problem. Otherwise, this manufacturer is the only one to offer an optional zero dead pixel warranty, which you can sign up for here directly on the website, within 30 days of purchase.

So in reality, you take your screen out of the box and don’t find a dead pixel. You won’t need this option. Or you have defective pixels and have purchased your screen from a store that will not exchange it for some reason. In this case, you are covered. It isn’t free at 39 euros per year, 59 € for 2 years, and 69 € for 3 years. You will also find on the same page, a warranty for theft or breakage, which is a little more expensive (39/69/89 € for 1/2/3 years). Without this, the screen is covered under classic conditions with replacement after 3 dead black or white pixels or 7 colored sub pixels.

Obviously, we would prefer the optional warranty to be included, especially given this manufacturer’s urgent recommendations to do so. In fact, we read on their website, There is nothing more annoying than one or two small dots on a screen ! All the more so because manufacturers allow up to five defective pixels before intervening.

For this reason, we have started the Defective Pixel Warranty, which becomes comes into effect even with one black dot.

In terms of cost, if you decide to have your screen repaired, this is not under a standard warranty and the whole matrix will have to be replaced (600 € including labor ), or twice the cost of the product. With a very low price, defective pixel insurance (from 39 € to 69 €) you are safe, even for one dead pixel!

Outside of this guarantee, we have the classic ISO 13406-2.

1 – BeH : From how many dead pixels will you replace a LCD screen ? Does your exchange policy match the ISO 13406-II norm ?

2 – BeH : If there is a single defective pixel on the side of the screen, will you replace it ?

  • No

    3 – BeH : If there is a single defective pixel in the middle of the screen will you replace it?

  • No

    4 – BeH : What percentage of screens is affected by the problem of dead pixels according to you ?

  • No response.

    5 – BeH : Why not offer a standard zero dead pixels warranty ?

  • All of our screens are tested once they come off the production line, however, there are often problems due to poor transport. On the other hand, to guarantee them would significantly increase prices and affect their competitiveness on the market.

    6 – BeH : How much would you evaluate the additional cost of a zero dead pixel policy to be?

  • We offer a "0 defective pixel" policy on our service website, to which each client can direct access by internet.

    If clients were ready to pay the price for a “zero defect” product , the “zero defective pixel” warranty would become standard.

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