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22 inch LCD monitors: The second coming!
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on April 24, 2007

One page for all ratings
Here is a table with the grades for all monitors. For office use, we remind you that it's useless to spend too much if the sole purpose is web browsing and word processing. In this case, go for a cheaper model.

For other type of uses, this table only sums up the ideas developed in the previous pages.

There is one additional rating, our verdict, which isn't a mathematical average of the previous grades but our personal evaluation. In general, 3 stars = an average product, 4 stars = interesting and 5 stars = our favorite monitor.

Only three monitors stand out. Samsung wins for its great design, better reaction time than its rivals, and accurate color rendering.

The Dell is also interesting because of its low price and numerous qualities: attractive design, very good color rendering, and HDCP compatibility.

Finally, we have also singled out the ViewSonic VG2230wm because it is the only one to be vertically adjustable. Sometimes this is of importance, for example, when the new monitor completes an existing configuration as a second screen. Adjusting the height in this situation is really helpful. Only one other 22" monitor has this functionality, the Samsung SyncMaster 225, tested in a previous survey of 22" monitors.

One word about the "losers":

The ViewSonic VX2235wm: we liked the design; it looks very much like the very popular VX922, except that it doesn't have the same reaction time. It is unfortunate that ViewSonic hasn't implemented a 2ms panel.

Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens, Iiyama, Lenovo, Miraï : the five manufactures have played the economy card. Nothing distinguishes one monitor from the next and if we change the brand sticker from one product to another we wouldn't see the difference. These are generic products with entry level plastic bezels. Compared to the previous batch of 22"s tested, it was a nice surprise to see that even the cheapest models have digital interfaces. The Acer is even HDCP compatible, but this isn't enough to make it stand out.

These five monitors have the worst factory color adjustments (with the VX2235wm). This is more proof that they lacked a bit of attention in the manufacturing process.

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Conclusion : Samsung SyncMaster 226BW  

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