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Which 22 inch to choose? Six monitors tested with reaction times from 2 to 5 ms
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on December 19, 2006

Asus MW221u
Asus has chosen the first and for now the only 2ms panel. The best thing is it’s as good as the TN 19" 2ms. This isn´t a low quality 2ms. The only thing that we found unfortunate is that the panel manufacturer first and then Asus do not really care about color rendering. The average DeltaE – 6.6 – is already very impressive and the graph even more:

It is hard to make any manual improvement. As we have seen in the previous pages, we noted a strong blue dominance. You might want to at least correct this problem in the OSD and ideally, it would be best to use a good colorimeter. Ours was completely off with this monitor and didn´t obtain good results. We ended up with neutral grays without a color dominance but the other colors were still quite unsatisfactory.

This is too bad, because the design and finishing touches are as good as the reaction time. We also very much appreciated the DVI interface and compatibility with the HDCP norm.

Unlike other Asus monitors, this one doesn´t come with a zero dead pixel warranty. The foot isn´t vertically adjustable and it doesn´t have a pivot mode.

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Acer AL2216W

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