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Which 22 inch to choose? Six monitors tested with reaction times from 2 to 5 ms
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on December 19, 2006

Fujitsu-Siemens L22-1W
If you really want to find the best deal, the biggest monitor at the lowest price, this is the one. There are three reasons for this:

1 – the quality of the bezel, quality finishing touches, and robustness (not plastic but aluminium). The foot is nice, and even if we have pictures of many versions seen, the actual one is above.

2 – It has two analog inputs in the back. That surprised us. Why two VGAs when we would largely have preferred DVI + D-Sub 15b? Probably because it’s cheaper and it doesn´t restrict the use of the monitor. With an adaptor will be able to connect a console, camcorder or DVD player in addition to a computer.

3 - Fujitsu-Siemens has a very nice"zero dead pixels" warranty (this page is in French). It is very intelligent because they give you a choice and you have to make your decision in the month following your purchase if you want to take it or not. Our recommendation is that if you have dead pixels from the start, ask for a replacement directly from the manufacturer. If you don´t have dead pixels, then you can avoid the warranty and save the 39€ for one year, 59€ for two and 69€ for three years. Without the warranty, the replacement will only happen after black/white dead pixels, or 7 colored sub-pixels.

For color rendering, we preferred the cinema mode. To have the most accurate shades, it’s best to use a colorimeter as it’s really complicated to manually correct all colors.

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