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6 HDD SATA from 500 to 750 GB
by Marc Prieur
Published on July 13, 2006

Performances – file copy
The next test is file copying. We measured reading, writing, and also the copying of the following files on hard drives: 2 big files for a total of 4.4 GB, plus 2620 files which total 2 GB, and finally 16046 files which weighs 733 MB. The source or target for reading or writing on the disc are two Raptor 74 GB in RAID which are capable of ensuring a transfer rate of 110 MB/s (there is no performance restrictions on this side).

This type of information is uninteresting, of course, because if the sequential transfer rate gives an idea of performances during the copying of big files, things will be much different with small ones. We followed two procedures to copy the files: writing in the same partition in the beginning of the disc and from this partition to a second one that begins at the middle of the disc.

The sequential transfer rate is very helpful here and we end up in the end with the Seagate 7200.10 Barracuda generation in the lead. Despite a higher sequential transfer rate, the Western drive ends up behind the Maxtor. The impact of automatic acoustic management (AAM) is noticeable without being too significant whatever the disc.

For writing, the data transfer rate falls and sometimes using AHCI doesn´t help. This is the case for the 7200.10 or even the Maxtor without AAM. However, gains are very significant for the WD5000KS. Without AHCI, the 7200.10 are in the lead, but with this option activated, Western is the fastest.

For file copying, the impact of the ACHI is once again variable depending on the disc. For Hitachi and Maxtor, for example, the AAM needs to be activated to measure a slight performance gain. However, Seagate and most of all Western always benefit from its activation. The 7200.10 is the fastest.

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