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Intel Core 2 Duo - Test
by Franck Delattre et Marc Prieur
Published on July 4, 2006

TMPGEnc 3.3 Xpress
With TMPGEnc, we encoded a 10 minute 16 second DV file to MPEG-2 format in 720x576 with an average bitrate of 4500 Kbits and in two paths. The video preview display is activated during this test and the DV file is decoded via a Mainconcept codec, which is faster than the decoder in TMPGEnc.

For the first time, the advantage of the Core 2 Duo is much less obvious compared to the processor based on Netburst architecture. The first Pentium EE 965 reaches performances between the E6700 and X6800. This is honourable and the advantage of the X6800 on its predecessor is "only" 6.2%. Compared to AMD, the gap is still as big as it was (29.9%) compared to the FX-62. The latter provided performances between the E6600 and E6400. Core architecture is 25% more efficient than Mobile, proof that the improvements brought to SSE bear their fruits.
VirtualDub 6.11 + DiVX 6
We compressed the same video as in TMPGEnc in Fast recompress mode, via DiVX 6.1 CODEC, in one path with an average bitrate of 1500 Kbits /s, b-frame and with best quality encoding performances. The video preview display is activated during this test.

Here again, the gain compared to Mobile is 25% at 2.1x GHz and even 30% at 1.8 GHz. Performances reached their summit with a X6800 being 50% faster than a Pentium EE 965 and 37% than a FX-62. The EE 965 is only slightly above a simple Core 2 Duo E6300 whereas the E6400 is at an equivalent level to the FX-62.

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