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Survey: 10 stabilised digital cameras
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on May 18, 2006

This criterion is almost impossible to know if you haven’t seen one camera tests. Camera speed is almost never mentioned and still the pleasure you will have using your camera greatly depends on this factor. The speed of these small cameras is essential to us and if it’s too slow, taking too much time between pictures you will be annoyed and end up not using it.

The best cameras for in this area are the reflexes. Again, the Canon EOS 350D switches on in less than half a second. It is also the time required between two pictures (jpeg, except for burst mode) and 0.3 s are enough to focus. Compacts are far from these figures but are progressing:

With a five star grading system, here is the result:

Once more the Canon is in the lead. It perfectly demonstrates the tendency of compacts coming close to the 1 second switch on time, between pictures, and 0.5 second to focus. It’s really comfortable to work with this camera.

There were several failures for this test. More specifically it was with two cameras, the Pentax and Nikon, that up until now gave great results. They needed two seconds to switch on and as much time between pictures. Unless you are very patient, this is quite frustrating. Maybe because I also use reflex cameras, I find the waiting unbearable. I see the time passing and pictures missed.

The Konica Minolta X1 once again finishes last. This isn’t the first time that it happens during these tests and it’s unfortunate for Konica. We would have liked to have had a better memory of their compacts. Maybe some people who knew what the future of the company was chose to lower manufacturing costs for this camera. Finishing touches are also not up to standard.

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