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Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT/GS and ATI Radeon X1800 GTO
by Damien Triolet
Published on March 10, 2006

Far Cry
We used an internal demo, which is a mix of outdoor and indoor locations recorded in the "catacombs" map. We activate the post process "cold" or "hot" filter, which noticeably increased image quality. With the post process and HDR, our honest impression is that rendering quality is from another era and we rediscover the game. This post process filter leads to +/-20% performance reduction.

Anisotropic filtering 8X was activated in the game.

- Normal
- Antialiasing 4x
- HDR + Antialiasing 4x

The Radeon X1800 GTO is for the first time in the lead ahead of the 7600 GT in a test without antialiasing. These two cards are clearly ahead of the X1600 XT which is equivalent to the 6600 GT and 7600GS.

Once antialiasing is activated, bandwidth becomes an important element and the X1800 GTO clearly finishes ahead. The 7600 GT remains in front of the 6800 GS.

In HDR, calculation power is more important and the X1800 GTO and 7600 GT are neck to neck and clearly ahead of the 6600 GT, X1600 XT and 7600 GS. The Radeon and GeForce use a similar FP16 rendering, which isn’t perfectly identical as the image is less burned for ATI.

ATI (on the left) and Nvidia´s (on the right) HDR rendering.

Only the Radeon X1000 supports multisample antialiasing with HDR FP16 rendering.

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