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The Dell 3007WFP 30 inch
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on March 1er, 2006

30 inches, is it too big ?

After Apple, Dell is the second manufacturer to release a 30 inch. The monitor’s standard resolution is 2560 x 1600. These 4 million pixels are equivalent to five 15" LCDs or three 19" or even two 24". Proportionally, the price is also of interest.

The monitor price is well positioned on the market. For the same amount of money you could buy a dozen 15" monitors for a single computer (not too practical) or two 24" monitors that this 30" does quite well in replacing. To have an idea of the dimensions of the monitor, here is the Dell 30" and behind it is the 24" from the same brand (the 2405FPW):

Behind, the 3007WFP, in front, the 2405 FPW

To finish with size comparisons, there is the pitch or pixel size. The smaller the pitch, the tighter the letters on the monitor (short version) We realised that the 30 inch pitch is even smaller than the 20", that has up until now been the smallest for LCDs.

FYI, the LG L 2300C’s pitch is the first and for now the only 23 inch monitor in1366 x 720 pixels at 0,372 mm. Letters on this monitor are VERY BIG.
The test computer
There was a second delay for this article as we were still equipped with AGP for our test computer. (The latest PCI Express graphic cards were in Marc and Damien´s hands). We were going to test the monitor on a Dell Dimension XPS 600 computer, which is according to the manufacturer own words, "powerful and stylish" for "games without compromises".

A month later, the computer was still stuck in the factory, because of a component defect, apparently a problem with the BIOS. We had to find another solution and NVIDIA sent us a Nec WA2500 workstation. It includes a Quadro FX 4500 graphic card equipped with the indispensable Dual Link input. In standard mode, DVI is restricted to 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Let´s get back to the 3007WFP
To add even more to our curiosity about this product, as if the monitor’s size wasn´t enough, it’s equipped with a 11 ms response time S-IPS panel. This is new for a panel with this type of technology and so far we’ve only seen 16ms.

Take a look at Dell´s dead pixel policy

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