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Fast 24
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on October 28, 2005

Samsung SyncMaster 242MP
Samsung is currently the only 24" panel manufacturer and so the components inside and out are built by Samsung. We would think that the panel manufacturer would have first pick of its own panels, but this isn´t the case. The new 242MP includes a “good ole” 16 ms panel just like the Dell 2405FPW.

*see article on Mura effects

The design and interface are much different than the Acer monitor.

This monitor also includes a TV tuner. For this use it´s best to connect a digital source. If the signal is analog, the image displayed is strongly degraded.

The look is rather appealing, or at least it worked for us. It´s sober enough for your bedroom, living room, office or even one room apartment. It isn´t discreet, but a combined TV and computer monitor may give you a little extra room and maybe impress your friends.

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