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Fast 24
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on October 28, 2005

Acer 2416W
Acer´s monitor will be released in a few days/weeks at a very attractive price for a 24" monitor, 1,000€ approximately. This is comparable to the Dell 2405FPW, whose ergonomics are much better than the Acer´s. The AL2416W is fast with a 6ms response time. As we will see in the following pages, the difference is obvious and it´s noticeable on the screen itself.

*see article on Mura effect

Probably because of the new generation, this panel doesn´t come cheap. So to have a competitive monitor (actually their first 24") Acer had to make several concessions, some of which we found quite odd. The most surprising is the interface with only analog input. This will soon be a problem. To begin with, video card manufacturers are progressively abandoning this format and changing to DVI. Second, with VGA it´s impossible to get HDCP certification (a new norm required to read future protected HD movies in full resolution). This monitor has a standard resolution of 1920 x 1200, which according to the latest industry news, will only be able to read HD protected movies in 960 x 540 pixels! What a waste!

The Acer doesn´t have a vertically adjustable foot, or USB hub, or pivot mode…Nothing! It´s only a VGA monitor. The concept is amusing in that it´s an average product with a Ferrari engine.

Who will buy this monitor?
Because of its response time and good results in tests, we first thought of gamers. However, to play with this monitor without image interpolation (in 1920 x 1200), you need to have a very powerful graphic card. It´s unfortunate to have a double image conversion: digital out of the graphic card, analog for the monitor output, and then digital again for the monitor. Fortunately, this transition is made without any notable performance degradation, but it´s just a waste.

Other possible buyers: stores looking for a demo monitor to place in display windows. Here this monitor is perfect. I imagine that the computer required for such an application doesn´t have to be very powerful and an older machine is enough to display slides that are 1920 pixel wide. The high level of reaction time gives the possibility of launching animated sequences without excessive afterglow. Also, the very high brightness (600 cd/m²) coupled with very wide viewing angles will ensure good viewing even from the sides.

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