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Samsung SyncMaster 770P : PVA 6ms, 1500:1
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on October 19, 2005

Films : DVD, HD
Samsung increased reaction time, but not the quality for movies, at least as not as much as we expected. The contrast ratio has been considerably increased, mostly thanks to a higher deepness in black. It looks better, the image is very contrasted and black is more intense than usual. It isn’t perfect, however. For example, as long as the monitor isn’t calibrated, it´s hard to obtain an image with accurate colors. As we said earlier, adjustments are complex, multiple and sometimes contradict themselves. It´s easy to misadjust the monitors and obtain images with very intense black but overly saturated colors.

Compare the black outside the film (which is perfect because it´s created with Photoshop) to the black of the movie shadows captured with our camera. They are identical and this shows good monitor quality. Now colors still need to be corrected.

Also, like all Samsung monitors with overdrive, we noticed a strong twinkling effect in movies, stronger than on AU Optronics panels. The monitor is small so you just have to step away six feet for this effect to fade away. It´s still quite unfortunate.

Viewing angles
With IPS, VA monitors usually have the largest viewing angles. The 770p has wide viewing angles but not as wide as the previous generation´s, like the recently testedEizo S2110W.

Samsung S-PVA 6 ms panel: Samsung SyncMaster 770P

On the left, the 770 has smaller horizontal viewing angles but not smaller than AU-Optronics P-MVA panel. Once again, these two are comparable. They are better than the BenQ monitor in this area, whose lower viewing angle darkens. This is a characteristic of TN panels

The good news is that Samsung now has a fast panel for games. Finally, the claimed response time is consistent with the panel´s practical results. We remind you that this wasn’t the case for S-PVA 8, 12 and 16 ms series. The bad news is the price. This 17” monitor is as expensive as a high end 19”. We just have to hope that this price is justified by a very nice panel capable of superb colors, great ergonomics and attractive design. We also hope to find this panel in other cheaper monitors manufactured by Samsung or not.

Take a look at this manufacture’s dead pixel policy by clicking here!

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